BRAND: tiny tribe

Tags: social media, photography, marketing, newsletters, art direction, illustration

From mood boards to concept to execution, I created a visual identity for the brand on social channels and challenged the brand to be creative through its customer relations including newsletters, paid social posts, blog and digital content. I wanted the consumer to feel excited by TINY TRIBE and to connect to the brand in a positive way whilst online shopping. Styling of products is extremely important for conveying a mood and creating a hook that makes the customer put the product in their shopping bag. My role in styling included art direction, casting models, taking photographs, editing images, composing HIIT banners for the website and creating newsletters and marketing collaterol.




Above: Model casting, Styling and Photography

Above: Mood boards for Art Direction of Photoshoots. Photographs to be used in digital campaigns.


Above: Digital Content including HIIT Banners and Social Posts

Above: Newsletter Designs showcasing New Arrivals, Competition and Sale

Above: Product Styling