Life served sunny side up.

Hi, I'm hayley

I'm a visual communicator.
I create beautiful designs in which illustration, strategy and branding ignite and excite.


day2 - digital content creation

social media, art direction, animation, photography


humanitix - needs based content

video editing, storytelling

Personal work


starbucks - christmas campaign

illustration, print, digital newsletter, social media

Newsweek media group - editorial 

illustration, branding, social, print

TINY TRIBE - in-house kids fashion design 

social media, photography, marketing, newsletters, art direction, fashion

sookibaby - kids fashion illustration

illustration, fashion, visual merchandising

surf - how to video

storyboarding, animation, social media

Lipton - advent calendar

illustration, ideation, print

twitch - bespoke assets

illustration, print, digital, social media

nomadic films - christmas animation

illustration, animation, social