White & Bright


This week in London the 'Beast from the East' came knocking. Extreme colds swept across the UK coming in from Siberia and London turned a crisp shade of white. The snow was absolutely magical and as an Aussie girl who only really saw snowfall properly in December last year, I leapt out of bed, grabbed my camera and took to the streets.

Hooray Hayley in Snow

Thankful for my Pink Hunter gumboots and 6 layers of clothing, I braved the cold and snapped over 300 photos. It was so rare to see so much snow in London and the weather was perfect with blue skies and hints of sunshine. I love this photo of the London Eye, imagine the views of this snow-covered city from up there!  


These photos are from Southbank, which was literally a photographers playground. I love the contrast of the white snow against these bright street scenes. See the man running in this photo? It was crazy how many people continued their regular runs and cycles to work even in these freezing conditions!


The snow lasted all week, and by Friday it had turned to an icy slush. I definitely mastered walking like a penguin, wearing a million layers and even made the odd grumpy British comment about the weather. When this bus passed me by, I chuckled to myself at the irony. Summer in the City? After a week of snow, I sure am ready for the warmer weather that the premise of 'Spring' will hopefully bring!