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Young Cannes Lions: A Reflection

I entered the Young Cannes Lions awards this weekend with a colleague of mine. To enter, you must be a creative under 30 years old. Around 100 teams (of two) enter from the UK and the winners go to Cannes to compete against the winning teams from countries worldwide. I had no idea what to expect, except that a brief would arrive at 5pm in our inboxes and then we would have 24 hours to work around the clock creating a presentation that answers the brief. 

Myself and my team member were all set up and ready to go at her place from about 3:30, making references to the Lion King and listening to Mumford and Sons 'Little Lion Man'. We knew the brief would be for a charity but didn’t know which one or what the scope would be. I’d never entered anything like this before.

The charity for 2018 is Depaul. So I actually want to use this post to draw a bit of attention to Depaul and tell you all about them. I was quite touched by the work that they do. They are a charity who help homeless youth aged 16-25. They have Depaul houses around the UK which have been established to provide shelter for those in need with 24/7 support and access to staff and volunteers. They also run a program called Nightstop which is a service where volunteers can open up their home to a stranger who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. Initially you may think that this sounds pretty daunting and out of your comfort zone, but upon reading some of the stories on Depaul’s website, these are just ordinary kids who have come into an unfortunate situation. These young people need emergency accommodation to keep them off the streets and in a safe place. In one of the stories on their website, a girl’s Dad suddenly died and her mum became extremely ill, leaving this 16 year old to try and sort out care for her Mum and take care of the home. Inevitably, the debt was too much and she had to put her Mum in a care facility and ended up on the streets. Depaul saved her. Another story shared a couples insights of their first night of hosting with Nightstop. They were pretty terrified of letting someone in, what would they be like, would it go horribly, what if, what if, they actually hated it and felt like awful people. But as soon as the doorbell rang and they heard the terror in the 18 year old boys voice on the other end, everything was ok. He was even more petrified than them but was so grateful for a roof over his head. It was pretty touching to read these stories. 

Our job was to come up with a campaign that would raise awareness for Depaul and encourage people to volunteer or donate. 

Regardless of whether we make the shortlist or not, it was very rewarding and I learnt a lot. I’m really proud of what we turned around in a short and intense period of time. 

xx One Baby Lion

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