Beauty and the Brushes


Makeup brushes that are long due for an upgrade. Sound familiar? Tale as old as time. I came to realise recently that my brushes are probably the oldest standing possession in my makeup bag, maybe even the oldest thing I own that I brought with me to London! And although they are (clearly) excellent brushes, I wanted to treat myself to some new ones. 

Hello, Spectrum! Spectrum Collection create beautifully, bold makeup brushes for 'total mer-babes', quote, unquote. On the weekend I stumbled upon the Birchbox pop up in Carnaby street, Soho. I found myself reaching for these brushes, with their brilliant shades of pink and purple, the designer / colour lover in me immediately knew these were the ones. These had to be mine. 

A few weeks ago I was toying with the idea of buying the Spectrum Heart brush (see my Valentines Day Wishlist for more), but in all honesty, it was time to treat myself to a set! They come in a super cute lilac pouch and I know they will make a great travel companion. They are also vegan and cruelty-free and will be best friends with my Lush face tint. I'm all about beauty products that are good for my skin and good for the environment! 

Applying my makeup feels like I'm brushing my skin against the silkiest unicorn tail you could imagine. Blending has never been this smooth AND I think I'm going to feel encouraged to keep these babies clean so that I can appreciate the colours. Here's to the next six years.