The Hooray Hayley Guide to Amsterdam Part 2 - Keukenhof



Keukenhof is open from 22 March until 13 May 2018.


  • Keukenhof is about half an hour from Amsterdam Schiphol airport

  • Get there by bus, buy a combi ticket that covers the bus and entrance to the park. From Amsterdam Central the cost of an adult ticket is €29.50 and from Schipol Airport this will cost €24.50



  • Minimum 1 day

I'm going to put this out there. If you are heading to the Netherlands and you only have a couple of days, and the dates are right, prioritise Keukenhof because Amsterdam is always there, but Keukenhof is only around for the spring. 


Transport yourself to this magical place where 7 million flowers bloom in an intersection of art and nature. Each year, the buds are planted in collaboration with artists and gardeners, arranged by florists and complimented with art, installations and exhibition pieces. When you combine all this, you get a days worth of wonder, fresh air and a thousand photographs on your iPhone. At the end of spring the bulbs are collected by the gardeners and preserved for the following year. I recommend getting their early as it does attract an abundance of selfie taking tourists every single day. 


The theme for 2018 is Romance in Flowers. It would be such a magical place to propose... Ladies, get those hints out there. Keep calm and say 'I do'!


If you want to start your journey here on your way to Amsterdam Central, Keukenhof is half an hour from Schipol airport by bus, and this is going to be a stop on the Eurostar route. So whether you train it or fly, it’s pretty easy to get to. When Josh and I went, we had a late Monday evening flight out, so we stayed at The Tulip Inn on Sunday night which is a hotel right by the airport (and also slightly cheaper than hotels in town) so that we could wake up, head to the gardens and then come back and fly out straight from the gardens. Keukenhof has lockers to store your things, if you can’t leave them at a hotel or want to make the most of your day and save time collecting bags before you fly. You just need a couple of euros deposit for a locker. 

The Tulip Inn was a great choice for us as it was close to Keukenhof and the airport, it was a great price and I was smitten with the wallpaper.