How To Hamentashen

Happy Purim! 

Welcome to my first food post, albeit a few days late, but hey, maybe everyone else’s hamentashen recipes have made you want to make these yummy little biscuits yourself. Here’s how you can easily whip up a batch! I've made mine pink for good measure and filled them with delicious, healthy, refined-sugar free home made jam!

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White & Bright

This week in London the 'Beast from the East' came knocking. Extreme colds swept across the UK coming in from Siberia and London turned a crisp shade of white. The snow was absolutely magical and as an Aussie girl who only really saw snowfall properly in December last year, I leapt out of bed, grabbed my camera and took to the streets.

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The Hooray Hayley Guide to Amsterdam Part 2 - Keukenhof

I'm going to put this out there. If you are heading to the Netherlands and you only have a couple of days, and the dates are right, prioritise Keukenhof because Amsterdam is always there, but Keukenhof is only around for the spring. Transport yourself to this magical place where 7 million blooms come to life in an intersection of art and nature.

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Hooray #OOTD Valentines Edition

Welcome to the first of many Hooray Hayley Outfit of the Day posts, that will be part of the series Hooray #OOTD. I wanted to share with you how I styled my Valentine's #OOTD and hopefully through this series I can help you out with tips and tricks for adding colour with your wardrobe! I know for a lot of people experimenting with colour, prints and pattern all at once would be a bit much, but with a little bit of thought, it's really quite easy to create outfits that give you confidence and radiate with personality.

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Spellbound at the British Library

Today I went behind the scenes with JK Rowling at the exhibition 'Harry Potter: A History of Magic' at the British Library. At times I felt like I could understand the ways her mind worked, and I really appreciated her twists on folklore and ancient beliefs. With the extra charm of being in the British Library, I loved seeing the reference materials which inspired character names, plant species, classes at Hogwarts and so much more.

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Valentine's Wishlist

It's almost Valentine's Day, but let's be honest, no excuse needed to buy me a present. And if it's tickled pink and from my one true love, even better! Here are my top 5 wishlist items right now.

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